Attorney Christopher McDowell Joins Strauss Troy Firm Expands Criminal and Commercial Litigation Expertise

Strauss Troy Attorney Chris McDowell

Strauss Troy announces that Attorney Chris McDowell has joined the firm.

Three Strauss Troy Attorneys To Present At National Business Institute Seminars December 8th

Three Strauss Troy Attorneys will present at upcoming National Business Institute (NBI) seminars.

New Fourth Amendment Mobile Data Protection May Not Apply In Private Workplace

Now that the United States Supreme Court has determined that cell phones, or mobile devices, fit squarely under the protection of the 225 year old Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, here’s what you need to know.

Strauss Troy Attorney Brett RenzenbrinkAnd Law Clerk Matt Worth PresentAt McNicholas High SchoolDigital Citizenship Day

Strauss Troy Attorneys Brett Renzenbrink and Law Clerk Matt Worth presented a program titled Cyberbullying, Sexting and Avoiding “One-Click” Liability to students and parents at McNicholas High School Digital Citizenship Day day Monday, February 24th.

McNicholas High School (Mt. Washington/Cincinnati) held its first Digital Citizenship Day Monday. It was the first school in the region to devote a day to the perils — and promises — of life in the digital age.

Boston Bombing Raises Legal Question:Balancing Public Safety And The Constitutional Rights Of U.S. Citizens

The recent arrest of the living Boston Marathon bomber has raised a tough constitutional question – is he entitled to warnings under Miranda v. Arizona? Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was questioned for 16 hours before he was given the warnings. Tsarnaev is an American citizen, arrested in America, and it would be difficult to consider him an “enemy …Read More

Ohio Passes New Expungement Law

Are you an Ohioan hoping for an expungement? You may now be eligible. Effective September 28, Ohio passed Senate Bill 337. In the past, the sealing of records was only available for first offenders. After Friday’s legislation, the charges listed below may qualify for sealing or expungement: One (1) felony conviction or less Two (2) …Read More