Ohio Passes New Expungement Law

Are you an Ohioan hoping for an expungement? You may now be eligible.

Effective September 28, Ohio passed Senate Bill 337. In the past, the sealing of records was only available for first offenders. After Friday’s legislation, the charges listed below may qualify for sealing or expungement:

  • One (1) felony conviction or less
  • Two (2) separate misdemeanor convictions if not the same offense; or
  • No more than one (1) felony and one (1) misdemeanor

Be aware that some crimes, including DUI, Driving Under Suspension, Sex Offenses and crimes of violence can never be expunged. There are also the following time limits to consider:

  • For a misdemeanor – One (1) year must have passed after case is finished
  • For a felony – Three (3) years must have passed after case is finished

An expungement can help you to put your past mistakes behind you, but you need experienced legal representation to present your case to the court. It’s the court’s decision as to whether your request for expungement is permissible.

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