Strauss Troy Attorney Brett RenzenbrinkAnd Law Clerk Matt Worth PresentAt McNicholas High SchoolDigital Citizenship Day

Strauss Troy Attorneys Worth And Renzenbrink Present At McNicholas High School Digital Citizen Day 2014
Strauss Troy Attorney Brett Renzenbrink  (right) And Law Clerk Matt Worth Present At McNicholas High School Digital Citizenship Day


Strauss Troy Attorneys Brett Renzenbrink and Law Clerk Matt Worth presented a program titled Cyberbullying, Sexting and Avoiding “One-Click” Liability to students and parents at McNicholas High School Digital Citizenship Day, Monday, February 24th.

McNicholas High School (Mt. Washington/Cincinnati) held its first Digital Citizenship Day Monday. It was the first school in the region to devote a day to the perils — and promises — of life in the digital age.

Organized by Director of Educational Technology Katie Ritter, “DigCit Day” meant special presentations, speakers, and discussions of computer use in every class, all day.

Ritter said the idea came to her through many discussions with students, parents, teachers, and sessions from the International
Society for Technology in Education conference she attended last year.

“We needed to do something BIG to make a statement that we, as a school, think digital citizenship is very important,” Ritter says. “As a one-to-one Tablet PC school, it is our responsibility to teach our students how to navigate the online world and be responsible global citizens, which now includes their digital life.

“In the same way we wouldn’t hand the keys to a teenager to begin driving without proper training, we shouldn’t hand them these devices without proper guidance.”

A focus of the day was the “digital tattoo” each person creates through posts and other online communications, giving an impression to others of who they are and how they think and behave.

Take a few minutes to read Brett’s article, “Protect Your Children From “One-Click” Liability: Schools Must Reform Cyberbullying And Sexting Policies” to learn how you can protect your children.