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Leveraging Technology with the New SEC Marketing Rule

Strauss Troy Attorney Bo Howell

By: Bo J. Howell The SEC New Marketing Rule and Compliance Technology: Where We Are Conducting an advertising review is often a laborious process. Why? Most advisers have become accustomed to trudging through these manual steps to ensure compliance. Some advisers have adapted this process to simplify their advertising review. Basic workflow tools, like network chat and file storage, automate parts of the process by facilitating content collaboration, version control, and ad …Read More

Strauss Troy is looking for a Courthouse Clerk

Courthouse Clerk COURTHOUSE CLERK DUTIES : Provide liaison between courthouse and Strauss Troy, and self-motivated Responsible for all courthouse filings (in and out of Hamilton County, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky Responsible for keeping cost account checkbook balanced and submitting cost reports Update Courthouse Clerk Manual as needed Required to have daily reliable transportation (ST will …Read More

Was your business harmed by COVID-19? You could be eligible for property tax relief.

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If your business was negatively impacted by COVID-19, you might be eligible for a property tax reduction. On April 27, 2021, Ohio enacted a special law that allows commercial property owners (and certain tenants) to apply for reductions of their 2020 property tax bill if their income-producing properties were affected by COVID-19. The law is intended to alleviate the financial impact of COVID-19 on Ohio businesses. The application process is intricate, and an experienced attorney can navigate it to optimize this valuable opportunity for a tax bill reduction.