Taft IT High School Students Challenged To Reflect On Ways To Make Our Schools Safer

On May 1st, Strauss Troy’s Make a Difference (MAD) Team hosted 22 students and three teachers from Taft IT High School for the annual Freedom Writers competition. The Freedom Writers program is based on the national model started by teacher Erin Gruwell in California. Working with “at-risk” students, Gruwell encouraged them to participate in a dialogue and …Read More

Strauss Troy MAD Team Partners With Taft IT H.S. For 8th Annual Freedom Writers Competition

For the eighth straight year, Strauss Troy’s Make a Difference (MAD) Team is sponsoring an essay contest at Taft IT High School. This year’s topic challenges the students to reflect on safety in schools and to propose ways to better protect students from danger. The top writers will be invited to join the MAD Team on May 1st for the Queen City Underground …Read More

2012 Strauss Troy Freedom Writers Project Focuses On Staying In School

May 16, 2012 – The Strauss Troy Freedom Writers committee selected the topic, “Preventing High School Drop Outs” What solutions do you believe would prevent high school drop outs and what can the city do to promote your solution?” The student authors with the top 20 essays were treated to a tour of the Cincinnati …Read More

Strauss Troy To Sponsor May 2012 Freedom Writers Event

  In May, Strauss Troy is proud to once again sponsor the Cincinnati Freedom Writers Project. While some of the groups are an outlet for self-expression or exploring career options, the creative writing group — the Freedom Writers — read books, learn to relate to them and are then encouraged to pen their own essays …Read More