2012 Strauss Troy Freedom Writers Project Focuses On Staying In School

May 16, 2012 – The Strauss Troy Freedom Writers committee selected the topic,Preventing High School Drop Outs” What solutions do you believe would prevent high school drop outs and what can the city do to promote your solution?”

The student authors with the top 20 essays were treated to a tour of the Cincinnati Bengal Stadium. Students had lunch at Strauss Troy’s Cincinnati office and heard from guest speaker, Judge Jeffery Hopkins. The top winner received a laptop computer from Strauss Troy.

The Strauss Troy Make A Difference Team picked students up at Taft IT High School in a Jeff Harvey Trolley which took them to the Cincinnati Bengal Stadium. The Freedom Writer students were given a tour by Jeff Berding, director of Sales& Public Affairs and heard guest speakers, Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis and Bengal player Vincent Rey.

After the tour, students traveled to Strauss Troy’s downtown Cincinnati office at 150 East Fourth St.; where President Jim Heldman and Judge Jeffery Hopkins congratulated winners and named the grand prize winner.