Construction law expertise.

Strauss Troy has an extensive, successful track record of representing clients in commercial and residential real estate development and construction disputes throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and other jurisdictions. 

Strauss Troy’s team of construction surety lawyers in Cincinnati, OH and Northern KY is adept at handling multi-million dollar developments and complex construction litigation, including a broad range of construction surety matters. This work includes lender priority disputes, title defects and numerous other complex title-related issues for which. An experienced construction surety attorney can provide guidance and peace of mind throughout the legal process. 

Our deep expertise in commercial real estate and construction law means that our construction surety lawyers routinely resolve claims ranging from breach of contract to acquisition, project delay, cost overruns, zoning and title defense litigation, through a full spectrum of design, construction, financing, operations, land use, encroachment, easement and disposition of property, either by individual owners or a syndicated developer. 

Our construction surety attorneys routinely handle complex construction cases involving claims of design deficiency and/or defective construction, including those that involve catastrophic personal injuries and serious property damage. In this same arena, our litigation team also assists prominent sureties in managing complex bond claims. Our construction surety attorney team also proactively works with our clients to mitigate risks by ensuring that the appropriate contracts are selected and in place before a project begins, and ensuring that all issues related to OSHA compliance and workplace safety are addressed. 

For many years, Strauss Troy has represented some of the largest residential real estate brokerage firms, providing smart, successful defense of purchase and sale agency-related disputes, as well as prosecuting commercial broker claims. 

Construction Litigation


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