When Are Unpaid Internships Legal & Right? Learn How Both Organization& Student Can Benefit

Internships are great avenues toward a career – they give you experience, training and an impressive block of text on your resume. Are these benefits really worth free labor from the student’s perspective, and is the free labor legal? Here’s what you need to know. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), there are six different circumstances under …Read More

Buyers of Defunct Companies’ Assets May Face Unwelcome Surprise

Strauss Troy Labor And Employment Attorney John Fischer To Present

If you buy a defunct company, from its bank or out of receivership or bankruptcy, make sure that you aren’t liable for any actual, or alleged, labor and employment law violations of the old company. The burden of proof is on you — even with an asset purchase and hold-harmless agreements. Federal courts can simply ignore these.
Often, labor and employment law’s “federal successor liability rules” actually trump state business laws and contracts designed to protect buyers.

Attorney John Fischer, Contributing Editor For Two Recent Labor And Employment Publications

Strauss Troy Labor And Employment Attorney John Fischer To Present

John Fischer, a member of the Strauss Troy Labor | Employment Law practice group, recently served as  a contributing editor for the recently published Fair Labor Standards Act, Second Edition, 2012 Cumulative Supplement. John was a past contributing editor for the initial Fair Labor Standards Act, Second Edition and the 2011 Supplement. The Fair Labor …Read More