Strauss Troy’s “Justice League” Dominates In 5 Cincinnati Corporate Olympic Categories

Strauss Troy "Justice League" Competes In Corporate Olympics

Strauss Troy “Justice League” Competes In Corporate Olympics. Strauss Troy’s “Justice League” dominated the 18thh annual Cincinnati Corporate Olympics on Fountain Square this summer.

Strauss Troy’s “Justice League” Ties For3rd Place In Cincinnati Corporate Olympics

Strauss Troy’s “Justice League” tied for third place in the 17th annual Cincinnati Corporate Olympics today on Fountain Square. The attorney/staff team – made up of Attorneys Erinn McKee Hannigan, Brian O’Connell and Brett Renzenbrink, employees Lucy McCormack and Debbie Hilling (alternate), Special Olympian Justin Mossburger, and Brian O’Connell’s daughter, Kacey – competed against other corporate teams in games …Read More

Strauss Troy Team Has Fun & Raises MoneyAt Special Olympics “Hoots With The Suits”

The “Justice League,” a Strauss Troy attorney and staff team, participated in the Cincinnati Corporate Olympics held July 10th on Fountain Square to benefit Special Olympics. The Justice League included: Attorneys Erinn McKee Hannigan and Brian O’Connell, employees Debbie Hilling and Lucy McCormack, Special Olympian Justin Mossburger, and Brian O’Connell’s daughter, Kacey. The Strauss Troy …Read More