A Better Way to End Your Marriage

Divorce doesn’t have to be an adversarial process. Collaborative divorce was founded on the premise that there has to be a “better way” to end a marriage. Our collaborative divorce attorneys in Cincinnati, OH and Northern KY offer a process that allows you and your spouse to take responsibility for moving on to a different stage of your lives and removes the threat of going to court, allowing you to focus on settlement. 

The collaborative divorce process honors the relationship you once had with your spouseand lets the two of you work together to create a solution. With collaboration, you benefit from your collaborative divorce attorney’s experience and problem-solving skills. You also receive support from other professionals, who assist in identifying your and your children’s needs. Every family is unique, and the collaborative divorce process can help you and your spouse reach an agreement tailored to your family’s specific needs. 

A collaborative divorce can be less costly and time-consuming than litigation, letting you not be burdened for months waiting for a court date. When you reach a collaborative agreement, it can be finalized within a shorter time frame. 

To begin the collaborative divorce process, you must contact an attorney who is trained in Collaborative Law, such as our Family Law team at Strauss Troy. When you begin, your collaborative divorce lawyer will ask you to sign a Collaborative Participation Agreement, a legal document outlining the commitments which all parties will follow: respect, transparency, use of allied professionals, and guidelines if the collaborative process terminates. 

Once you have signed an agreement, the information gathering process begins. Once information is organized, you, your spouse and collaborative divorce professionals will meet and work together to form your agreement. Once a comprehensive agreement is reached, it’s ready to be filed with the court. 

For more information about the collaborative divorce process, go to www.collaborativelaw.com for Cincinnati cases, or to www.NKYdivorce.com for Northern KY cases. 

If you would like to discuss your options for ending your marriage with one of our collaborative divorce lawyers in Cincinnati, OH and Northern KY, please contact a member of our team by calling 513-621-2120 in Ohio and 513-621-8900 in Kentucky.   

Collaborative Divorce