Avoid These Top 10 HR & Legal Mistakes

Top 10 HR Mistakes

Top 10 HR MistakesTheresa Nelson, a member of Strauss Troy’s Labor | Employment Practice Group, served as a featured speaker at Connecting Resources For Success General Manager and Franchisee Summit hosted by Great Clips in early July.

Her presentation, The Top 10 Legal Mistakes Employers Should Avoid, focused on the importance of investing time and effort in good employment practices to minimize exposure and maximize long-term results. By avoiding these 10 common legal mistakes, franchisees, general managers, and other employers, can minimize legal costs, time costs and employee turn-over.

The 10 Mistakes Are:

  1. Asking or Saying Anything You Want in an Interview
  2. Thinking Some or All Employment Laws Don’t Apply to Your Organization
  3. Not Properly Training Employees
  4. Not Documenting Issues With An Employee
  5. Keeping Poor Employment Records
  6. Making All Staff “Salaried”
  7. Not Properly Addressing Complaints, Charges and Claims
  8. Being Inconsistent
  9. Firing Too Slow or Too Fast
  10. Not Having or Never Updating an Employee Handbook