Defective Takata Air Bags Force Recalls On Hundreds Of Vehicles And Launch Numerous Lawsuits

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Over 10 million vehicles in the United States have been recalled because of life-threatening problems with their Takata air bags. About half of the recalled vehicles are Hondas. Takata is, in part, owned by Honda.

Over 10 million vehicles have been recalled and a class action suit has been launched because of life-threatening Takata air bags. For questions concerning this class action suit, contact Strauss Troy Attorney Ron Parry.There have been numerous lawsuits filed throughout the country seeking damages because of the defective air bags. A federal panel on multidistrict litigation recently decided to combine all of the cases for pre-trial procedures in the Southern District of Florida. U.S. District Judge Frederico Moreno, a judge highly experienced in complex cases, will handle the pre-trial procedures and will ensure that the cases move forward efficiently.

At least five deaths have been linked to Takata air bags. The problem with the air bags seems to be that the explosive charge becomes more powerful as it ages. When the air bag is deployed, the explosive charge will then not only inflate the air bag but hurl metal projectiles through the surface of the air bag.

In one situation involving a death, investigating officers originally classified the case as a homicide, believing that the victim had been stabbed to death. Most of the lawsuits claim economic damage stemming from the lost value of the vehicles containing the air bags.

Recent reports indicate that there are more than 30 million Takata air bags in vehicles in the United States, so it is entirely possible that there will be more recalls to come. Strauss Troy has filed cases in both Kentucky and Ohio representing owners of Honda vehicles that have Takata airbags.

The lawsuits seek class action status and to recover the lost economic value of the Honda vehicles with Takata air bags. The cases filed by Strauss Troy, like other cases throughout the country, have been temporarily transferred to federal court in Miami for pre-trial procedures.

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