Ohio Senator & Strauss Troy Attorney Bill Coley Named To State Budget Conference Committee

Ohio Senator & Strauss Troy Attorney Bill Coley (R)

Senator & Strauss Troy Attorney Bill Coley, R-Ohio, has been named to the State of Ohio Budget Conference Committee. This comes as the Ohio Senate approved House Bill 59 earlier this month. Included in this budget proposal is a $1.4 billion tax cut for Ohio’s small businesses and the largest legislative investment in education this decade – a $717 million increase in state education funding.

House Bill 59 is winding its way through the Ohio House of Representatives and the Budget Conference Committee. Consisting of Bill and five others, the committee is responsible for reconciling the House and Senate versions of the budget, which must be balanced and, by law, signed by Governor Kasich on or before July 1.

“Our number one priority in the Statehouse remains creating an environment in Ohio where we can create jobs and grow our economy for the long-term,” Bill said. He also serves as the vice chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance. “Working with the Governor and our colleagues in the House, I believe we are putting the final touches on a bill that does just that.”