Turn To The Pros Who Know Commercial Real Estate Banking | Secured Finance

As a lender or borrower, you know how fast the world of financing is changing. It can be hard to keep up with the complexity and make sure that you are structuring the best deal.


Your goal as a lender is to provide professional and competitive offerings to borrowers and to ultimately develop a strong relationship with loyal customers. Strauss Troy has represented local, regional and national-market lenders for nearly 60 years. We have carefully guided our clients through various real estate cycles, new flavors of financing and related-regulations.

If your deal is simple, we’ll make it simple and fast for you to complete. Most loan transactions, however, have a few wrinkles, risks and special nuances. Because Strauss Troy has such deep experience in banking and secured finance we know what to look for and can quickly provide alternative solutions to minimize or overcome problems and get the loan closed. Experience counts when you need more than documentation and title due diligence


Strauss Troy also counsels commercial real estate borrowers on financing and business matters. Due to our extensive experience, you will benefit from our insight regarding lenders and financing options. With our counsel, you can eliminate the guess-work and move ahead with confidence.