Collaborative | Complex Divorce Counsel & Litigation |  Child Custody | Support

Divorce redefines a family. It can be an emotionally, spiritually and financially devastating experience, not only on you and your spouse, but especially on children.

Strauss Troy’s attorneys will guide you through this transition in your life as smoothly as possible. We put your best interests first, look for the most optimal solutions and minimize your family’s sense of loss as much as possible.

Our Domestic Relations | Family Law practice includes collaborative law; mediation; negotiation; complex divorce litigation; dissolutions, child custody and support matters (both pre and post decree).

We work in the Domestic Relations and Juvenile Courts of Hamilton, Clermont, Butler and Warren counties in Ohio, as well as Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties in Kentucky.

At the end of the process, regardless of whether it is litigation, collaboration or negotiation, our goal is for you to able to move forward with your newly defined family in a positive way.

Several of our domestic relations attorneys are trained mediators of domestic and family issues. Unlike litigation, mediation facilitates dispute resolution by involving a skilled, neutral third-party (known as a mediator) in negotiations between opposing parties. The intermediary assists the two sides in working out a mutually suitable resolution to the disagreement. Working out differences between family members can be tough – let one of our trained mediators guide you through your conflict resolution.