E-Commerce Software Is On DocketFor Supreme Court With Closely-WatchedBusiness Method Patent Case

Today, you don’t think twice about clicking a button on Amazon or Priceline to make a purchase, but complex underbelly e-commerce engines drive these systems. These software programs are protected by nuanced business method patents that have come under question. Business methods and computer software programs are significant components of today’s high-tech and innovation-focused economy. …Read More

Apple Takes Another Bite Out of SamsungJudge Orders Additional $290 Million in Damages

Apple and Samsung continue to litigate allegations of patent infringement in the United States and in international courts as well. In the United States, the momentum seems to have shifted recently in Apple’s favor. Both companies recently convinced the U.S. International Trade Commission that the other company had infringed the other’s patents, leading to bans of …Read More

Apple Still Has Bite With Patent Victory And New iPhones Exceeding Expectations

Samsung Blocked From Offering Certain Phones For Sale In The US With a ruling in its favor at the International Trade Commission (ITC), Apple has emerged as the most recent victor in the ongoing, multi-front Apple vs. Samsung patent war that includes dozens of pending patent infringement lawsuits around the world. On top of this …Read More

Strauss Troy Welcomes Attorney Kevin Sprecher

  Attorney Kevin Sprecher joins the firm as a member of the Strauss Troy Corporate | Business group and head of the firm’s Intellectual Property practice. His work emphasizes all aspects of intellectual property law including U.S. and international patent prosecution, portfolio management and counseling, as well as licensing, internet issues, brand development, U.S. and international …Read More