Strauss Troy Files Additional Individual Lawsuits For Deceived Volkswagen Diesel Owners

CINCINNATI, OH — October 29, 2015 – Strauss Troy, a leading litigation firm, continues to file individual lawsuits in both Ohio and Kentucky against Volkswagen [VOWe3.DE], alleging that the automotive manufacturer intentionally installed software in diesel vehicles designed to cheat emissions tests.

The firm seeks additional affected VW owners for possible lawsuits and financial relief. It believes that there are benefits to individuals that may include faster resolution through state court proceedings, rather than joining more than 200 class action lawsuits and taking a “wait and see” approach.

More than 11 million VW diesel automobiles manufactured between 2009 and 2015 have been recalled, including nearly half a million in the U.S. The recalled diesel vehicles include the Golf, Passat, Jetta and Beetle. Some Audi A3 diesel automobiles have also been recalled.

“There are benefits to an individual lawsuit,” said Strauss Troy Attorney Ron Parry. “Deceived VW owners can maintain individual control over the manner in which their lawsuits are handled and resolved. This may be far better than waiting to hear from a class action attorney, who may be representing tens of thousands of car owners, and who may have no contact with any individual VW owners until after the case is already settled.”

Strauss Troy has already filed individual cases for VW diesel owners in Kentucky and Ohio and is prepared to act quickly to evaluate your case. There is no legal cost to consumers if the firm is unable to successfully recover a loss. Any attorney’s fees are contingent and will be a percentage of the recovered funds.

Strauss Troy is offering free consultations for VW owners seeking legal help. VW owners can call 513-621-2120 or learn more about your rights as a VW owner.