Finding the best custody solution for your family

Our attorneys have experience with a variety of complex child custody issues and our team works to help your family find the best solution to your individual situation.

In Ohio, there are two custodial designations: Shared Parenting and Sole Residential Parent and Legal Custodian. These custodial designations have nothing to do with actual physical parenting time or child support. They simply indicate who gets to make the legal, educational, religious and medical decisions for the minor children.

In a shared parenting plan, both parents are vested with the right to make those decisions for the children. The plans also include guidelines for how these decisions are to be made and what to do if there is a disagreement between the parents. Under a Shared Parenting Plan parents are encouraged to work together, communicate with one another, respect each other and respect the parenting relationship between the other parent and the child.

Sole Residential Parent and Legal Custodian is the one who has a vested right to make decisions for the child. The non-residential parent is still entitled to parenting time with the minor child and is entitled to school and medical records, but is not entitled to make any medical, legal, religious or educational decisions for the child.

In Kentucky, parenting options are Sole Custody or Joint Custody. Kentucky has adopted a law saying that the Courts should favor equal division of parenting time with the children (i.e., an equal number of overnights at each parent’s house), unless a good reason can be identified why that is not in the children’s best interests.

Our team is well-versed in complex issues such as:

  • Child or spousal support
  • Child custody jurisdiction
  • Haag and international cases of custody
  • Psychological diagnoses
  • Privacy and protective orders
  • Visitation

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