The Goering Center – Nurturing And Educating Businesses To Drive A Vibrant Economy

Strauss Troy is proud to be an associate member of the Goering Center. If you own a family or private business, we encourage you to discover what it’s all about. The Goering Center can prepare you to handle key issues that affect organizations of all sizes. These matters may include:

  • Succession Planning
  • Communication Techniques
  • Strategic Planning
  • Governance Issues
  • Leadership Development
  • Compensation Issues
  • Advisory Boards
  • Conflict Resolutions

A Goering Center membership allows you to connect and network with other family and private business owners in the region, as well as learn from their experiences and from the educational programs offered by the center.

Business owners need, and deserve, creative solutions delivered in a prompt, proactive and efficient manner. This is Strauss Troy’s hallmark. We have a strong track-record of providing innovative solutions to complex legal challenges for companies large and small.

Many of our attorneys have direct-experience working in, or owning, a variety of businesses, from small entrepreneurial ventures to large corporate entities. This gives us a better understanding of your business challenges.

Our lean model of direct attorney access eliminates layers and reduces cycle time. This improves efficiency, speeds results and gives you superior value.

Our Corporate | Business Experience Includes: