Visualize Your Company’s Future. Plan For Business Growth. Minimize Risk.

When it comes to growing and protecting your business, we give you sharper insight based on experience.

Whether you are in start-up mode; a family business; a company going to the next level with angel or other financing, or taking your company public, count on our expertise and insight to guide you through the process.

Strauss Troy will help you develop, plan for and organize the right legal entity or business structure, whether you choose a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), joint venture or other strategic alliance. We draft corporate governance documents including shareholder, operating, employee and other necessary agreements that you need to get down to business.

Count on Strauss Troy attorneys to add value by efficiently and effectively helping you implement your core business contracts and agreements.

What’s Your Vision?

Strategic growth happens through acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and organic expansion. It all starts with the right legal structure.