Center for Respite Care Transformation Awards To Be Held November 10th

“It could never happen to me” is the reaction most Americans have to the prospect of homelessness. It’s the same reaction many homeless people have – before injury, illness, job loss, lack of savings, or some combination of these, forces them out of their homes and onto the street.

Each year, about 3,000 people in Cincinnati who have no home will become sick or injured. Many will require hospitalization. Without proper healing, almost half of those hospitalized will suffer complications that will require repeat ER visits and/or extended hospital stays.

In response to this critical need, the Center for Respite Care (CRC) opened in 2003 through a collaboration of Greater Cincinnati’s largest hospitals and homeless agencies. CRC is a 24-hour facility in Cincinnati providing medical and nursing care to sick homeless individuals who need a safe place to heal after hospitalization. The mission is to promote healing through quality holistic medical care while helping clients to break the cycle of homelessness.

The Center for Respite Care has had a profound effect on reducing healthcare costs in the city. By allowing proper recovery time, repeat hospitalizations are reduced, which in turn lowers the burden on hospitals, taxpayers and patients. CRC’s cost of operation is only 1/20th of the cost of hospital care, thereby resulting in a savings to the community of $10 million annually.

No homeless respite facility in the country breaks the cycle of homelessness better than Cincinnati’s Center for Respite Care, with 86% of its clients moving into housing or treatment. This is more than twice the national average of similar programs. Since opening, the CRC has helped 1,200 homeless individuals.

In addition to its medical facility, CRC runs a unique HUD funded housing program targeting homeless people who qualify for disability income but are not yet approved. CRC places these clients into apartments first, and then helps them obtain disability income or find a job. After an average stay of one year, more than 90% become self-sufficient and remain in housing with income at exit.

The Center for Respite Care, with PNC Bank as presenting sponsor, is holding the 2011 Transformation Awards on November 10, 2011, at the School for Creative and Performing Arts. The event begins with a performance by SCPA students and concludes with a dessert and coffee reception. Honorees at the event are Robert Donovan M.D., founder and medical director of CRC, Ohio State Senator Eric Kearney (D), and the late Susan Montauk, M.D.

You are invited to join Strauss & Troy in supporting this worthy agency, which saves Greater Cincinnatians millions of dollars in healthcare premiums. For tickets, contact Mary Beth Meyer at, call 513-227-3004 or visit CRC’s website at