2009 Is The Year To Review Your Business Location And Lease Terms

We have all nearly drowned in the unrelenting flood of bad economic news, but the ultimate ending to this story need not be so gloomy. Now is the perfect time to invest some effort toward positioning your real property for the years ahead, well beyond the end of this crisis. Despite our fears at present, the crisis will definitely come …Read More

M & A – Opportunities For Growth During Tough Economic Times

Most management teams aren’t thinking in these terms right now, but some companies are growing their businesses through mergers and acquisitions in a time marked by some of the most severe changes our economy ever has ever seen. These changes are creating opportunities for many companies to achieve greater degrees of horizontal or vertical integration in their industry by buying competitors, …Read More

Take Advantage Of Asset Protection Opportunities Now

This may be the right moment to consider both protecting your assets from creditors’ claims and limiting your liability to persons who may be injured on your property. Estate planning techniques may be utilized to provide the added benefits of asset protection and limited liability. A fairly simple, but effective, step in the direction of asset protection is transferring ownership …Read More

Managing the Debtor-Creditor Relationship

During the current economic environment, a business owner reads news every day of businesses suffering financial hardship. This hardship often stems from  macroeconomic variables such as an industry slowdown or higher commodity prices. But the current credit market appears to be a common challenge for both large and small businesses in every industry. Most businesses have relationships as both …Read More

Protect Yourself Against Investment Fraud

Worldwide, there has been a significant switch in retirement planning from “defined benefit plans” (where the company is in charge of investing and providing for retirement funds) to “defined contribution plans” like 401(k)s (where the employee is in charge of his or her own investments). With these changes, however, comes greater opportunity for abuse. Recent headlines reveal that some of …Read More