What Is Predatory Lending – Can It Affect You?

In its simplest form, the concept of predatory lending includes the imposition of excessive interest rates, origination fees, premiums, penalties, or other oppressive terms in consumer lending transactions. What makes these transactions “predatory” is that the loan terms are not based on the borrower’s credit rating; instead, the lender imposes higher rates or additional charges …Read More

Wall Street’s Sub-Prime Meltdown Is A Wake-Up Call For Main Street Investors

The recent sell-off in global equity markets, the Federal Reserve’s rate cuts, Washington’s emergency stimulus  plan, and same-day 500+ point swings on Wall Street, have many investors asking, “Why does the sub-prime mortgage market  impact me when I did not buy investment property in   Florida and I don’t own shares in a hedge fund?” The answers can be  confusing, but part of the …Read More