Using Mechanic’s Liens to Collect Accounts Receivable

Every contractor should be aware of the potential to use mechanic’s liens as a means of enhancing collection of accounts receivable. Every industry has problems collecting its accounts receivable. Contractors are afforded the right to file a mechanic’s lien against the property that was improved by their work. Because such a lien is an encumbrance …Read More

The Importance of Updating Your Estate Planning Documents

The recent publicity surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith serves as a valuable reminder about the importance of reexamining your estate planning documents on a periodic basis. News reports indicate that although Ms. Smith had a will, it did not make provisions for her only surviving child. The will was executed before the child …Read More

The Legal Duty to Preserve Electronic Business Records: The New Rules

The Enron debacle presented a particularly egregious example of document “spoliation,” an organized, massive, and deliberate destruction of documents that were highly relevant to inevitable litigation and governmental investigations. But destroying documents, even in less dramatic ways, can pose serious problems and risk, especially electronically stored information. If such documents or records are destroyed, a …Read More