Three Leaders To Be Honored At
Center For Respite Care
2012 Transformation Awards
Strauss Troy Again Sponsors Event

The Center for Respite Care will host the 2012 Transformation Awards Thursday, October 25, 2012,

Dr. Bob Donovan Treats A Patient
At The Center For Respite Care

at the Schiff Conference and Banquet Center at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. This year, three individuals who have contributed significantly to transforming lives will be honored. Honorees are Father J. Graham, S.J., president of Xavier University; Joseph Kiesler, M.D., physician and University of Cincinnati professor; and the late Ronald L. Matthews, educator and community advocate.

The event which runs from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm includes a reception, dinner, entertainment and the awards program. The evening begins with a reception and cash bar at 6:00 pm, followed by a sit-down dinner at 6:30 pm and the program at 8:00 pm.  Entertainment for the evening will be the Xavier University’s A Cappella Ensemble Harmon – X.  Tickets for the evening are $60.

The presenting sponsor is Home City Ice. Patron sponsors include: Strauss Troy as well as Betty B. Klinedinst, the Meisel Family Foundation. LaVaughn Henry, Ph.D., vice president and senior regional officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, is the master of ceremonies. Event chairs are Martha Schuler and Carol and Larry Neuman.

About The Center For Respite Care

Center For Respite Care Clients Say “Thank You”

Providing care for individuals who are homeless after hospitalization is an important step to recovery; helping them find a new path is life-changing.

This is the commitment of the staff and volunteers at the Center for Respite Care.  Since 2003, the Center has been providing quality, holistic medical care to people in the Tri-state region who are homeless and need a safe place to heal and break the cycle of homelessness.

Each year, about 3,000 people in the Tri-state region who have no home will become sick or injured. Many will require hospitalization. Without proper healing, almost half of those hospitalized will suffer complications that will require repeat ER visits and/or extended hospital stays. The Center for Respite Care has had a profound effect on reducing healthcare costs in the city. By allowing proper recovery time, repeat hospitalizations are reduced, which in turn lowers the burden on hospitals, taxpayers and patients. CRC’s cost of operation is only 1/20th of the cost of hospital care, thereby resulting in a savings to the community of $10 million annually.

In addition to helping the patient heal, the staff works closely with each patient to remove the barriers that keep them homeless.  CRC is one of the few homeless respite centers in the United States that breaks the cycle of homelessness.  Upon exit approximately 90% of our clients are moved to permanent housing or treatment.

CRC runs a unique HUD funded housing program targeting homeless people who qualify for disability income but are not yet approved. CRC places these clients into apartments first, and then helps them obtain disability income or find a job. After an average stay of one year, more than 90% become self-sufficient and remain in housing with income at exit.