Strauss Troy Sponsors Covington Business Council Annual Dinner



 Covington Business Council Board of Directors 2015 With Keynote Speaker Paul Daugherty

Strauss Troy was proud to support the Covington Business Council by serving as a sponsor for the group’s annual dinner on August 6, 2015, at the Grand.

“Supporting organizations that sustain and grow our local communities is extremely important to our firm. This is especially true of Covington where one of our major offices is located. We are proud to be part of re-energizing this neighborhood,” said Strauss Troy President Marshall Dosker.

The event will feature Keynote Speaker Paul Daugherty, a celebrated Cincinnati Enquirer Sports Columnist and author of An Uncomplicated Life. Daugherty will talk about the need for collaboration and the success that is achieved when it’s done successfully.  This can apply to successfully hosting an event like the Major League Baseball All Star Game or simply raising a child with Down Syndrome such as is the case with Paul’s daughter Jillian.  Paul’s talk will also address how the City of Covington and its business community can work together to achieve unlimited results.

The mission of the Covington Business Council (CBC) is to advocate and take action for a healthy Covington business environment. The vision of the CBC is to be a premiere resource for the City of Covington and its partners.