Center for Respite Care Celebrates10 Years of Transforming Lives

Strauss Troy Attorney Larry Neuman Co-Chairs CRC’s 2013 Transformation Awards

Ed Paul (l), Jake Paul, Oscar Robertson, Larry Neuman and Carol Neuman
Ed Paul (l), Jake Paul, Oscar Robertson, Larry Neuman and Carol Neuman During the 2013 Transformation Awards Ceremony

Since opening its doors in 2003, the Center for Respite Care has assisted over 1,000 sick and injured homeless individuals on their journey to restored health and self-sufficiency. On the evening of October 17th, the Center celebrated 10 years of transforming lives by honoring three others who have made a significant difference in the lives of our community. The recipients of the 2013 Transformation Awards are:

Dr. Santo Ono, President, University of Cincinnati

Rabbi Ken Ehrlich, Counselor to the President, Hebrew Union College

Interact for Health, formerly known as the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati

The event, which took place at Xavier University’s Schiff Conference and Banquet Center, included a reception and dinner, entertainment and the awards ceremony. Strauss Troy Attorney Claudia Allen presented Rabbi Ehrlich with his Transformation Award. UC Health and an anonymous donor sponsored the event. Benefactors included: Ina W. Broeman, Robertson Family, Standard Textile and Anonymous. Patrons included: Sug & Mike Clauder, Home City Ice, Interact for Health (formerly The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati), Meisel Family Foundation, Inc., PNC and Strauss Troy. Strauss Troy Attorney Larry Neuman, and his wife Carol, were event co-chairs alongside Diana Klinedinst and Martha Schueler. The 2013 Transformation Awards raised more than $86,000 to continue the good work of the Center.

About The Center for Respite CareCenter for Respite Care logo - Strauss Troy sponsors Transformation Awards

Providing care for individuals who are homeless after hospitalization is an important step to recovery; helping them find a new path is life-changing.

This is the commitment of the staff and volunteers at the Center for Respite Care. Since 2003, the Center has been providing quality, holistic medical care to people in the Tri-state region who are homeless and need a safe place to heal and break the cycle of homelessness.

Each year, about 3,000 people in the Tri-state region who have no home will become sick or injured. Many will require hospitalization. Without proper healing, almost half of those hospitalized will suffer complications that will require repeat ER visits and/or extended hospital stays. The Center for Respite Care has had a profound effect on reducing healthcare costs in the city. By allowing proper recovery time, repeat hospitalizations are reduced, which in turn lowers the burden on hospitals, taxpayers and patients. CRC’s cost of operation is only 1/20th of the cost of hospital care, thereby resulting in a savings to the community of $10 million annually.

In addition to helping the patient heal, the staff works closely with each patient to remove the barriers that keep them homeless. CRC is one of the few homeless respite centers in the United States that breaks the cycle of homelessness. The Center runs a unique HUD funded housing program targeting homeless people who qualify for disability income, but who are not yet approved. CRC places these clients into apartments first, and then helps them obtain disability income or find a job. After an average stay of one year, more than 90% become self-sufficient and remain in housing with income at exit.

To learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives of the homeless of our community, visit here.