Strauss Troy Attorney William P. Coley Speaks at Harvard’s Innovation Project

Strauss Troy Attorney of Counsel William P. Coley II has been invited to speak at the Innovation Project, an annual conference at Harvard

Strauss Troy Attorney Bill Coley

University. Coley, who has developed a unique solution to the medical marijuana cash transaction problem that has arisen in other states, will be speaking about The State of Cannabis and Commerce in the U.S.

As more states begin to legalize marijuana for medical use or recreation, analysts are projecting the industry to be a multi-billion dollar opportunity. However, federal prohibition of marijuana poses some significant issues with giving states the opportunity to make this industry a reality. Coley is part of a panel of experts at front and center of the issue who have been selected to share their insights.

The Panel also features Dante Tosetti, Regulatory & Compliance Principal/Former Fed Bank Examiner, and Karen Webster, CEO at The Innovation Project is an annual conference of innovators around the world to discuss the impact of technology shifts and new payment systems, and to debate their relevance to the future of payments and commerce.

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